FLOW by Vibram MAP

The Interactive Map of FLOW Outdoor Festival by VIBRAM shows the position of all points of interest associated with the event, including two FLOW INFO POINTS made available to the public.
The map features a friendly interface to zoom in and out, focussing on the area of interest.
The map key is organized in three groups:

  • Logistical information
    • FLOW Info Point
    • Car parks
    • Other
  • Contests and sporting events
    • Available competitions – spectating or participating
  • Activities
    • Available outdoor activities – participating

To find out where a meeting point is or where a specific event is going to take place, just click on the symbol of the specific activity in the map key: the centre of the map will automatically move onto the place of interest.
Also, a click on the symbol will open a box with the link to the description of the activity.
At the FLOW INFO POINTS, located in Finalmarina (Piazza dei Cannoni) and Finalborgo (Porta Testa) respectively, you will be able to enter an activity and get further info.